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Isra Shatat Case Analysis CMN 212 Pham Navigating the Limits of a Smile Case Analysis Cassie Donners a junior assistant cruise director has just joined “Radiant Spirit,” one of the largest ships of the Spirit Cruise line. Cassie’s basic job duties required her to be on duty for about 15 hours a day, she had to run activities throughout the day, some land-base management duties, and most importantly she had to do everything she could to meet the passengers’ requests. Cassie along with her co-worker Sally is one of the very few females, if not the only two females working on this ship. Blake who was also another co-worker on the ship was a constant reminder to Cassie of how the men reacted towards the women on the ship being that it was a male dominated ship. He told Cassie things such as “you have to get used to it,” when other males on the ship would whistle to her or flirt with her. He worked as somewhat of guidance to her by telling her how things worked and what not. On the other hand, Tim who was the cruise director was the one in charge of everything basically and enforced the rules and the “keep the costumer happy” policies. As days went by on the cruise ship, Cassie became more and more aware that she served as a sex symbol on the ship. So while on the job, after many minor incidents with the rules of Cassie’s job conflicting with certain situations she had on the job, Cassie became more and more angry. From playing “sex positions” in games to feeling like a sex symbol on the ship Cassie’s patience and smile soon rand out. The last straw for her was when an elderly man by the name of Fred on the ship bought her a drink and asked her to dance. Cassie wanted to receive good comments (which was how Tim determined who was doing their job) so she danced with him. Fred, assuming that because it appeared as if Cassie’s job entailed her to be some sort of sex object that it was okay for him to say “would you ever consider me if 1
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you came to the dark side,” which was a sexual reference to Cassie. She became so uneasy and
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Final Case Analysis CMN - Isra Shatat Case Analysis CMN 212...

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