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1 Kenyon College Department of Economics Senior Integrating Exercise for Economics Majors Class of 2010 Purpose of the Exercise The purpose of the Senior Integrating Exercise is to help you grasp and appreciate the integrity of economics as a discipline. Such an appreciation can only emerge through systematic efforts to understand social behavior by reference to basic economic principles. You are expected to show: a) an understanding of the most basic concepts or tools of economics; b) ability to use these tools to help clarify complex social behavior; and c) perspective and imagination concerning the power and limitations of economic analysis. Instructions Please read and follow these instructions carefully. 1. You must complete your answers and submit them in person to Ms. April Farmer, Department Secretary (Ascension 113). Submit two copies of each essay by 4:00 pm on Friday, January 22, 2010. At that time, your essays will be marked with your assigned number. 2. Your answers must be printed, double-spaced, on one side of the paper. The answer to each of the questions must be within the range of eight to twelve pages . Number the pages. Use one-inch margins. Use a font no smaller than 11-point. Your answers must be in the form of an integrated essay as you will be assessed for both content and style. It is not acceptable to simply label sections of your paper ―Answer to Part B‖, ―Answer to Part C‖, and so forth. The essay should also include a concluding section. Any figures or tables referenced in the essay must be placed on separate pages at the end of the paper with appropriate titles. Explanations of graphs and figures must be fully integrated into the essay, not included separately on the page on which the graph or figure appears. Please label your graphs carefully. These figures and graphs do not count towards the eight to twelve page limit. 3. Start each question on a new sheet of paper. Staple all of the sheets for the answer to a question together. Do not fasten the answers to separate questions together. This will allow the faculty to divide up the answers to read them. Do not write your name on your answers . 4. DO NOT CONSULT WITH OR TALK ABOUT THESE QUESTIONS WITH YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS. Do not suggest books, course materials, or other sources to any other student as aids to answering a question. Do not receive assistance from any other persons. Observe the College's plagiarism rules.
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2 5. You may consult notes, books, journal articles and other materials that you find helpful in writing your answers. You should properly cite references where appropriate, but course notes and course texts need not be cited when used as sources for standard analytical presentations. Your answers to the questions should be in the form of an essay. Attend to the structure of answers requested in the question. Avoid answering in disjointed bits and pieces. 6.
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Comps Questions - Kenyon College Department of Economics...

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