Drivers_license_Key_Questions(Iowa) - against the law 20...

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Hope it'll help you. It’ll be better if you read the bulletin chapter 4 and 5. And find out # 35. ..! huh. .. Good luck 1. Yellow -> general warning on cautions 2. Orange -> Road work and maintenance warnings 3. Octagon -> Come to a full stop at intersection 4. Triangle point down -> let first cross traffic right- of- way c 5. Triangle pointing right -> no passing zone 6. House shape (Pentagon) -> school crossing ahead 7. Circle inside square, horizontal line inside circle -> do not enter in this direction 8. Triangle pointing up –> slow moving vehicle Sign 9. Diamond with arrow -> be prepared for traffic from the right 10. Diamond with 2 arrows -> divided highway begins / stays right 11. Diamond signs mean warning 12. Speed depends on traffic and weather condition 13. When you skid left your wheel to left 14. Iowa law – both of above 15. Rain – During first ½ hour after the rain has started be careful 16. When you make left turn come close to center line 17. Bicycle – a 18. Car – b 19. Within 100 ft of railway crossing, passing vehicle is
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Unformatted text preview: against the law 20. Flashing yellow means stop & proceed 21. Hydro plating -> slow down the speed 22. If vehicle speed is 45 mph and need to turn then give signal 100 feet before 23. Change the lane after seeing the two head light of the car at the car 1 24. Always keep distance of 2 seconds between 2 cars 25. Visibility less than 500 feet turns on head light 26. When your speed is high look further away 27. When you enter the highway match the speed of other vehicle 28. In individual county highway when farm vehicles are slow then slow down your speed 29. You may turn right from the right lane if you give way to crossing pedestrian and Traffic 30. Flashing red -> stop and let other to cross and then go 31. Dashed yellow line -> separate traffic moving in opposite direction 32. Emergency vehicle (pole) -> pull to the right of road 33. School buses with flashing amber (yellow) -> slow down 20 mph 34. When you miss exit in highway you do not go back 2...
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Drivers_license_Key_Questions(Iowa) - against the law 20...

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