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HW - 05-11-2010 - Exercise 16.9 Lease(leaseNo invoiceNo...

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Waqas Javed (982800) Dated 05/12/2010 Exercise 16.8 Invoice (invoiceNo, pMethodNo, orderNo) Primary Key : invoiceNo Foreign key : orderNo references Order(orderNo) Order (orderNo, customerNo, employeeNo) Primary key: orderNo Foreign key: customerNo references Customer (customerNo) Foreign key: employeeNo references Employee (employeeNo) OrderDetail (orderDetailNo, orderNo, productNo) Customer (customerNo) Primary Key : customerNo Employee (employeeNo) Primary Key : employeeNo Shipment (shipmentNo, employeeNo, orderDetailID, sMethodNo) Primary Key: shipmentNo Foreign key: employeeNo references Employee (employeeNo) Foreign key: orderDetailNo references OrderDetail (orderDetailNo)
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Unformatted text preview: Exercise 16.9 Lease (leaseNo, invoiceNo, matricNo, placeNo) Primary Key : leaseNo Foreign key : invoiceNo references Invoice (invoiceNo) Foreign key : matricNo references Student (matricNo) Foreign key : Room references Room (placeNo) Room (placeNo, accomodationNo) Primary Key : placeNo Foreign Key : accomodationNo references Hall(hallNo) and Flat (flatNo) Student (matricNo, courseNo, NOK) Primary Key : matricNo Hall (hallNo) Primary Key: hallNo Flat (flatNo) Primary Key: flatNo Staff (StaffNo) Primary Key: staffNo Inspection (flatNo, staffNo) Primary Key: flatNo, staffNo...
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