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CIS209 - Mock exam paper 1998/1999 - version 1.0 (15/03/99) Marian Ursu UNIVERSITY OF LONDON BSc Mock Examination 1998/1999 COMPUTING AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS CIS209 Database Systems Duration : 3 hours Date and time : This paper is divided into four parts, from Part A to Part D. All parts are compulsory . However, read the instructions for each part, carefully, because you are advised to attempt less questions than provided . If you choose not to follow these instructions and attempt more questions than advised, you might not be able to finish your paper because of lack of time. You do not need to use electronic calculators for this assignment, therefore they are not allowed. THIS MOCK EXAMINATION PAPER MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE MOCK EXAMINATION ROOM. 1
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Marian Ursu Part A Attempt four of the following six problems Problem 1 . Select and briefly explain three limitations of the file based approach that are resolved by the database approach. Problem 2 . Define the concepts of database and database management system . Problem 3 . Enumerate and briefly explain (1-3 sentences) five features of a DBMS. Problem 4 . Define the concepts of candidate key , primary key and alternate key , and give examples. Problem 5 . Explain the mechanisms of maintaining referential integrity based on foreign keys (foreign key rules), considering that null values are not allowed. Problem 6
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mock-paper - CIS209 - Mock exam paper 1998/1999 - version...

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