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1. A flashing amber (yellow) signal light at an intersection means: 1. Come to full stop 2. Slow down and drive with increased caution 3. Danger dead end highway 4. Signal out of orde 2. A traffic control signal containing the word ?STOP?held out by a person at a school cross-walk means: 1. Stop if there are any pedestrians crossing 2. Stop before entering the cross-walk and do not proceed until the signal is no longer in position 3. Ignore the signal as it is not legal anyhow 4. Slow down and proceed through the cross-walk with cautio 3.Outside the cities of St. John and Corner Brook, a school bus with a visual signal operating, is taking on or discharging passengers, what does the law require you to do before overtaking bus? 1. Reduce speed and pass with care 2. Wait for approaching vehicles to pass 3. Stop until the bus proceeds or the signal service is no longer operating 4. Sound horn and pass at reduced spee 4.Which of the following classes vehicles only may carry a red light visible from the front? 1. Commercial motor vehicles 2. Bicycles 3. Pleasure type motor vehicle 4. Emergency vehicle responding to a call 5. After dark, drivers are required to use low beam headlights: 1. Upon the approach of another vehicle 2. Within 150m of the approach of another vehicle 3. Within 300m of the approach of another vehicle 4. This is a safety practice, not a lo 6. Where a highway has divided into lanes for traffic, a driver should: 1. Move from lane to lane with bursts of speed when passing 2. Never change lanes 3. Signal intention and move to another lanes only when it is safe to do so 4. Straddle lanes and block following traffic 7. The use of alcohol or drugs affect the driver by impairing; 1. Vision 2.Judgment 3. Reaction time 4. All of the above 8. When may you drive at the maximum speed limit?
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1. Only in the daytime 2. At any time 3. If the condition of traffic and the highway permit such a speed to be driven in safety 4. On any highway designed for one-way traffic 9. You may not drive to the left the center line of a highway designed for one or more lanes of traffic in each direction; 1. Within 50m of?a level railway crossing 2. Within 30m of a bridge or tunnel where driver view obstructed 3. When approaching the crest of a grade or upon a curve where driver's view is obstructed 4. Under any of the above condition 10. On a roadway where traffic is moving in both directions, in what position must you be before making a left turn? 1. Close to the right-hand side of the roadway 2. Close to the left side of the roadway 3. To the right of and as close to the center line of the roadway as possible 4. Does not matter provided your signa 11. You are driving up to an interaction where there is no signal light or police officer, A pedestrian is in the crosswalk on your side of the street. You should: 1. Increase speed and take the right-of-way 2. Slow down and drive with increased caution 3. Sound horn to warn the pedestrian 4. Stop and yield right-of-way to the pedestria 12. What must you do when the driver of another vehicle gives a signal that he wants to
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