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ChE 230 Spring 2010 Problem Set 4 – 02/04/10-02/11/10 1. (Linear equations) A separation system takes the feed (F) consistin of three species (A,B, and C) as shown in the diagram below and creates the three exit streams (V, S, L) each with a different composition. Choose F = 100 kg/hr as the basis. All percents are mass percents. a) Write the material balances for each component. b) Set up the problem in matrix form, then set up the matrix for the Gauss-Jordan method. For consistency, the order of the rows should be the balances for A, B, C from top to bottom, and the order of the columns should be for V, S, and L from left to right. Demonstrate your understanding of the Gauss-Jordan method by eliminating the first element in the third row. c) Solve the problem using Polymath. 2. (Optimization) For a chemical process, the total operating cost a function of the operating pressure, P , and the recycle ratio, R . The total cost ($/yr) is the sum of the cost to compress the feed ($1000 P
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