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ChE 230 Spring 2010 Problem Set 6 03/09/09 – 03/16/09 1. Refer back to Problem 3 on the last Problem Set. Use the same confidence levels. a. Based on the 48 data points, was the variance of the reaction temperature really 1.95 in the past? b. Repeat part (a) based on the 8 data points. c. Does the reactor temperature really have more variability based on the 8 data points than it had based on the 48 data points? Use a 90% confidence interval here. 2. You work for a pharmaceutical company that produces a drug that is coated on an inert particle in a fluidized bed. The particles are then put in a capsule to be sold as a prescription drug. The specifications are that the mean drug loading on the particles is 10 mg with a standard deviation not exceeding 0.2 mg. The FDA requires that you be 99% certain that your loading be within 0.2 mg of the specification, and that you be 99% certain that your standard deviation does not exceed the specification. A sample of 40 particles is taken from each batch produced, and the particles are ground up
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