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ChE 230 Spring 2010 Problem Set 8 – 04/06/10 - 04/13/10 1. The heat capacity at constant pressure of a gas is determined experimentally at several temperatures with the following results: a) Calculate the heat required to raise 150 mol/sec if gas from 0 o C to 600 o C using multiple applications of the Trapezoid rule to integrate. b) Perform the same calculation using Simpson’s 1/3 rd rule to integrate. c) Use Polymath to fit these data for C P using a 3 rd order polynomial in T; then integrate using this function to obtain the heat required. 2. As part of a design calculation you must evaluate an enthalpy change for an organic vapor that is to be cooled from 1800 o C to 150 o C in a heat exchanger. The only data you can find is a plot of C P (cal/gm o C) on a logarithmic scale versus [T( o C)] ½ on a linear scale. The plot is a straight line through the points (C P = 0.329, T ½ = 7.1) and (C P = 0.533, T ½ = 17.3). a) Derive an equation for C
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