comm101 final - C J 101 FINAL EXAM REVIEW(SPRING 2008 Week...

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C & J 101 FINAL EXAM REVIEW (SPRING 2008) Week 4“ Communicating in Close Relationships What are the stages and meanings of the stage model of relationship development and dissolution? Relationship Development Initiating – first stage of romantic relationship development in which both people behave so as to appear pleasant and likeable. Experimenting – second – both people seek to learn about each other. Intensifying – third - both people seek to increase intimacy and connectedness. Integrating –fourth – both people portray themselves as a couple. Bonding – fifth stage of romantic relational development characterized by public commitment. Relationship Dissolution Differentiating – first stage of romantic relational dissolution in which couples increase their interpersonal distance. Circumscribing – second – couples discuss sage topics Stagnating – third – couples try to prevent change. Avoiding – fourth – couples try not to interact with each other. Terminating – couples end the relationship. What are the relational dialectics and what role do they serve in relationships? Opposite tensions about 2 opposing ideas Autonomy/connection is the most powerful in a romantic relationship (and a parent/teenage) – it refers to one’s need to connect with others and the simultaneous need to feel independent or autonomous. Expressive/privacy – describes the need to be open and to self disclose while also maintaining some sense of privacy. The need to reveal vs. the need to conceal. Change/predictability – delineates the human desire for events that are new spontaneous and unplanned while simultaneously needing some aspects of life to be stable and predictable. Dialectics are constant in process. What is the turning point model of relationships and what does it add to our understanding of relationships? The turning point model emerges from the friendship model and emphasizes that relationship development can be bidirectional and couples can move both toward and away from commitment over the course of their relationship. It proposes 14 turning points that influence their relationship trajectory. This model can be applied to romantic as well as friendship relationships. It is a heuristic model – acquiring knowledge. How are friendships and romantic relationships similar in terms of development and dissolution? Initiating is essential/crucial in both and people may fear rejection in both Lack of proximity can lead to dissolution in both
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When wanting to end a relationship both use disengagement strategies such as withdrawal/avoidance. COULDN’T FIND MUCH IN BOOK – DOES ANYONE HAVE MORE? What is the role of proximity in relationship formation? Proximity is how close you are to others and it plays an important role.
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comm101 final - C J 101 FINAL EXAM REVIEW(SPRING 2008 Week...

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