EMS182midtermSolnW10 - Departmentf Chemical ngineering...

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Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science DIVISION OF MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING University of California, Davis Professor Shackelford EMS 182 FAILURE ANALYSIS Winter 2010 Midterm Examination February 18, 2010 CLOSED BOOK, CLOSED NOTES Name fl or"t A,uSupfS Congratulations on your promotion to Serrior_Engi_n99r al Failures R Us (FRU), an engineering services company in Davis, CA. The following questions must be answered by 3:00 pm, prior to your meeting with the corporate Vice-President, I.R. Bigg-Schott. (25 points) 1. Vice President Bigg-Schott has asked you to analyze the failure of a turbine blade made from the intermetallic compound Ni3Al, a promising high-temperature structural material. To begin, you need to chemically analyze the broken blade of Ni3Al using the EDX capability of your SEM. Sketch as quantitatively as you can the x-ray energy spectrum you would expect from bombarding this Ni3Al sample with a beam of 5 keV electrons. (Note that you have to calculate this spectrum with this relatively low beam
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This note was uploaded on 05/14/2010 for the course EMS 182 taught by Professor Jshackelforf during the Winter '10 term at UC Davis.

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EMS182midtermSolnW10 - Departmentf Chemical ngineering...

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