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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science EMS 162 Prof. Y. Takamura, 2010 EMS 162: Structure and Characterization of Engineering Materials COURSE OUTLINE - Winter 2010 Instructor : Professor Yayoi Takamura 3096 Bainer Hall x4-7124 email: ytakamura @ ucdavis.edu Office hours: M 1pm-2pm, R 2pm-3pm, or by appointment Course webpage: SmartSite Reader : Diana Donati email: [email protected] Office hours: M 10am-11am, Kemper Lobby Textbook : Vitalij K. Pecharsky and Peter Y. Zavalij, Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials, Second Edition , Springer, ISBN: 987-0-387-56088-5. Note: UC Davis has electronic access to this textbook and an offer to receive a paperback version for $24.95 including shipping. See UC Davis Harvest Library Catalog for more details. Other References: A copy of these textbooks will be available on reserve at the library B.D. Cullity and S.R. Stock, Elements of X-Ray Diffraction (3 rd
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