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PEPCON Industrial disaster

PEPCON Industrial disaster - David Kimbell PEPCON...

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David Kimbell PEPCON Industrial disaster Just before noon on May 4 th 1988 at a production plant near Henderson, Nevada a maintenance crew could be seen ruuning away from the site of the Pacific Engineering Production Company, known as PEPCON . They were running from a growing fire in a storage lot . They had been repairing a wind-damaged steel-and-fiberglass building when a spark from their welder set fire to the structure . The men attempted to put out the flames themselves but were unsuccessful . The fire supposedly began in a drying process structure . The steel frame with fiberglass structure had been damaged by a wind storm and employees were making repairs to the building . The incident occurred in an unincorporated industrial area of Clark County, approximately 10 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas . The nearest lying city is Henderson, Nevada consisting of about 50,000 people . PEPCON was one of the only US producers of ammonium perchlorate . Ammonium perchlorate is a crucial ingredient in rocket fuel used for shuttle boosters and Titan missiles . Ammonium perchlorate acts as an oxidizer in rocket fuel . Other
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David Kimbell hazardous materials, including anhydrous ammonia, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid, were present in large quantities . The plant contained four thousand tons of ammonium perchlorate . This chemical was stored in 200 liter drums . Also present at the facility were bulk quantities of other hazardous materials used in manufacturing, such as hydrochloric acid and nitric acid .
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