EMS172L-Syllabus-Fal - critically commented by the instructor Prerequisites Course 172(concurrent enrollment recommended Grading Letter grade based

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UC Davis – EMS 107L Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Properties Laboratory – Prof. Ricardo Castro UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science EMS 172L: Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Properties Laboratory COURSE OUTLINE Instructor : Ricardo Castro Email : [email protected] TA’s: Scott Mauger & Chris Rochester Lecture/Lab: (1h) F 1310-1400 BAINER 1132 Laboratory: (3h) F 1000-1300 KEMPER 163 Description: Experimental investigations of electronic, optical and magnetic properties of engineering materials, emphasizing the fundamental relationship between structure and properties. Students will be expected to analyze the results of these experiments and to prepare a series of Laboratory reports that not only present your findings but also clearly outline the principles and concepts being addressed. The ability of the students to develop their on set-up for experiment materials will be exercised and evaluated. Writing skill will be developed and
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Unformatted text preview: critically commented by the instructor. Prerequisites : Course 172 (concurrent enrollment recommended). Grading: Letter grade based on reports ( R T ) and two Quizes ( Q 1 and Q 2 ) by the formula below. R T is the average of your report grades (your lower grade in a report will be neglected in R T , that is, you may miss one lab). 2 1 2 . 2 . 6 . Q Q R Final T + + = Office Hours: M: 4-5pm (KEMPER 2051) Textbook: R.E. Hummel, Electronic Properties of Materials, 3rd Edition, Springer, 2001, ISBN: 0-3876-95144-X and notes provided by the instructor. Course Notes: Available online at Smartsite the evening before lecture. Date Lab Topic 25-Sep X Introduction to the Course, Expectations and Goals 02-Oct 1 Conductors 09-Oct 2 Superconductors 16-Oct 3 Semiconductors I 23-Oct 4 Semiconductors II 30-Oct X Writing Skills Lecture and Quiz 06-Nov 5 Magnetic Properties (Electromagnet) 13-Nov 6 Magnetic Properties (Hall Effect) 20-Nov 7 Optical 04-Dec X Writing Skills Lecture and Quiz...
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