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Team -building retreats - Case Incident TEAM-BUILDING...

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Case Incident: TEAM-BUILDING RETREATS Question No. 1 Do you believe that team building activities such as mountain climbing increase productivity? Why or why not? What other factors might be responsible for increase in profitability following a corporate retreat? Team building increases the productivity . According to Riyad, “Organizational behavior integrates individual process, group process and organization processes and further these are intergraded to psychology, social science, sociology and other facts. So a team in an organization reacts with all these factors that is why success of an organization always rely on teams. As a result of these we can see teams are formed in organizations to solve management problems as well as to be successful organizations in foreseeable future.” ( b. Why team building helps more productivity ? Team recognized to be useful to achieve the organization goal. In the team we can found there are different people who have different characters, behavior and skills. This mixing of people makes them to be synergy to achieve the goal. Multi resources: When we use multi resources and skills help us to increase the productivity. In make decision : if we depend on one person to take decision we put our self in big risk. But when depend on team there will be desiccations and Cooperation between the members to decrease the risk. In addition, this can help member to improve their skills during the time. Communication : this cooperation between members (special between the manager and member) and communicate in informal way can make positive felling between them. That help if in the future any problem happens the
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member will feel comfortable if they want to desiccation this problem with the manager. Also, this makes good relationship happens between organization’ employee which make good effect like increase the productivity. Work focusing : in team organization each team has own task. They should consider on it. That helps to make more and quality product. For example: IT company. Question No. 2. What are some other ways beside those described here to build effective teams and increase teamwork among company employee? How might these alternatives be better or worse than corporate retreats? There are many ways to improve team work in company. Each kind of team has special way to improve it. But there are common ways. There we will talk some of them and describe how they work. Clear Expectations : the leader of that team has to have clear idea about expectations for the team’s performance and what expect from the team to do. What they should to do to lead this team and care about finance satiation and time. Each team member has to understand why this team appears? What they should to do to achieve specific goal. And what is every member task.
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Team -building retreats - Case Incident TEAM-BUILDING...

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