Capstone CheckPoint - educated conversation about religion...

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CheckPoint Capstone CheckPoint Check Point: Capstone Alicia May Axia College of University of Phoenix 1
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CheckPoint Some of the ways my thinking has been influenced from the materials which are provided in this class about religion are that I now have a deeper understanding of what religion is and what it is based on and now have the knowing that there are many different religions that although practice and worship in different ways they still serve the same God or higher power in this universe. I have also learned that some religions are interconnected in more way than one; like Christianity, and Judaism. These religions have their basis from the teachings of Jesus Christ, who is the son of god, the difference in these religions is how they believe and practice in the different religions. I have learned some very interesting things about many different religions and I am glad to know these things because now I can have an
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Unformatted text preview: educated conversation about religion and actually know what I am talking about. I believe it is important to learn about other peoples beliefs because it helps create understanding and knowing about the unknown. It is also important to understand other people religions because acceptance and understanding is part of Gods will for all of man kind. I may utilize the information I have learned in this course for feature in ways I am not sure of at the moment but I am sure one day this information will come in handy to help me decide my path in life. I do know I will be more accepting and understanding of other peoples beliefs and religion simply because I know everyone is not the same and that’s what makes humanity so special worth trying to help. 2...
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Capstone CheckPoint - educated conversation about religion...

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