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Unformatted text preview: FORIGEN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY A Profitable Venture In Expanding Market Horizons Alicia May Alicia May Axia College of university of Phoenix 1 Foreign Investment Opportunity How can this help our company? Foreign exchange to pay for the exports is available. Expanding into the global market will create more business opportunities. The business climate in the import and export nation is relatively favorable. Foreign Investment and Us A direct investment would be more desirable for our company, as we are not investing in stocks or bonds. After reviewing FDI reports, I think Australia has a sizable market and a demand for our product. Market, Profit, and Sales Suppliers to original equipment manufacturers often follow their large customers. Our company may also go abroad to protect domestic markets that face competition from lower­priced foreign imports. Being able to claim that the firm is “multinational” creates the impression of importance, which can influence the firm’s sales. Recommendation Recommendation Research suggests and supports entrance in the foreign market. Highly recommended for company Great business opportunity Low operating costs Expansion into foreign markets. Conclusion We need to enter into the market with Australia for all the previously mentioned reasons. The global market is a ocean of opportunities and since we already have a foreign investor we must jump on this opportunity. ...
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