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Thursday, February 25, 2010 * TAs expert on diff topics – check on slides Change to driving law for junior licenses GENDER IDENTITY Gender identity = sense of self as man or woman, or some combination Gender-role development = sense of self as masculine or feminine or some combination GENDER ROLE-DEVELOPMENT Bem Sex Role Inventory (1970) Personal characteristics divided into Masculine or Feminine Masculine : acts as leader, aggressive, ambitious, analytical, assertive, athletic, competitive, dominant, forceful, leader, independent, individualistic, makes decision easily, self reliant/sufficient, strong personality, willing to take stand/risk Feminine : affectionate, cheerful, childlike, compassionate, does not use harsh language, eager to soothe hurt feelings, flatterable, gentle, gullible, loves children, loyal, sensitive to needs of others, shy, softspoken, sympathetic, tender, understanding, warm, yielding Neutral : adaptable, conceited, conscientious, conventional, happy, helpful, friendly, moody, jealous, secretive, sincere, solemn, tactful, truthful, unsystematic Empirical research Gave list & check off which adj describe you end up either highly masculine, highly feminine or highly both androgynous 1998 tested for validity – only 2 terms that changed were that 2 terms from feminine were changed to neutral! Hill’s Gender Intensification Hypothesis In adolescence, girls get increasing pressure to conform to feminine gender role Didn’t increase substantially for boys – similar pressures before and during adolescence Example about boy wearing barrettes in pre-school “everyone has a penis, only girls wear barrettes” Gilligan Girls’ sense of self organized around relationships – have special understanding of relationships called “ a different voice Early adolescence – silencing of “different voice” At this time, realize that this special understanding is not valued by society so silence it To stay emotionally connected – some girls/women willing to sacrifice sense of who they are 2 choices: ignore special understanding & try to develop themselves as independent person – silence voice, fit male model sacrifice developing who they are as independent people in order to maintain relationships – silence identity often silence by saying “I don’t know” MEETING AT THE CROSSROADS Girls move from authentic to idealized self Paradox - Would give up authentic relationship for sake of maintaining some kind of relationship Goals of research:
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class notes compiled - Thursday, February 25, 2010 * TAs...

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