Illegal Immigration Argument Essay

Illegal Immigration Argument Essay - Argument Essay...

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Unformatted text preview: Argument Essay Student #10 English 111-51 December 5, 2005 Contemporary Issue ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - AN EPIDEMIC There is a growing problem in the United States; it is like an epidemic that is destroying our economy. This problem is called illegal immigration. To enter into the United States without permissions is a federal crime. Illegal immigration is a hard problem to solve and most likely will never be completely solved. Never the less, it is a problem that must be dealt with. Illegal immigration is a crime! Each year, the Border Patrol apprehends and arrests more than a million people who unlawfully cross our nation’s borders. Estimates state there are at least eight million illegal immigrants already living within the United States; this is very likely a conservative number. Forty percent of the United States legal immigrants have violated their terms of immigration by overstaying their designated time in the country. The problem is not only illegal aliens; it is also those who once were legal by obtaining the work Argument Essay permits but they have become illegal because their permits have expired (Illegal).(Illegal)....
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Illegal Immigration Argument Essay - Argument Essay...

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