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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 120A Problem Set 7 (due April 2, 2010) 1. Problems 7-30, 7-31 and 7-32 in McQuarrie and Simon. 2. Problems 8-10, 8-11, 8-24 and 8-25 in McQuarrie and Simon. 3. Problems 8-29 through 8-32 in McQuarrie and Simon. 4. Two terms are missing from each of the following lists of terms deriving from the indicated configurations. Find the missing terms. (a) np 5 n p : 3 P, 3 D, 1 P, 1 D (b) nsnp 5 : (c) nd 9 n s 2 n p 5 : 3 P, 3 D, 1 P, 1 D 5. Figure 8.1 of McQuarrie and Simon’s book and the figure copied from Karplus and Porter’s book on page 100 of the class Lecture Notes show the first ionization potentials, IP, as they depend upon atomic number. In this homework problem you are to explain the features illustrated in that figure. (a) Based upon your knowledge of the energy levels of a hydrogen atom, determine why the IP’s of the order of 10 eV’s? 1 (b) Explain, to the extent of esimating numerical values, the rise in IP going from Z = 1 (hydrogen) to Z = 2 (helium), and the fall from...
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