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2.1 The Need for Aether 2.2 The Michelson-Morley Experiment 2.3 Einstein’s Postulates 2.4 The Lorentz Transformation 2.5 Time Dilation and Length Contraction 2.6 Addition of Velocities 2.7 Experimental Verification 2.8 Twin Paradox 2.9 Space-time 2.10 Doppler Effect 2.11 Relativistic Momentum 2.12 Relativistic Energy 2.13 Computations in Modern Physics 2.14 Electromagnetism and Relativity CHAPTER 2 Special Theory of Relativity 1 It was found that there was no displacement of the interference fringes, so that the result of the experiment was negative and would, therefore, show that there is still a difficulty in the theory itself… - Albert Michelson, 1907 Albert Michelson (1852-1931)
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