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WhatAreThermalImagers[2] - Thermal Imaging Technology What...

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Thermal Imaging Technology What Are Thermal Imagers? Thermal imagers are instruments that create pictures of heat rather than light. They measure radiated infrared energy and convert the data to corresponding maps of temperatures. These instruments provide temperature data at each image pixel and, typically, cursors can be positioned at each point with the corresponding temperature read out on the screen or display. Images may be digitized, stored, manipulated, processed and printed. Industry-standard image formats, such as the tagged image file format (TIFF), permit files to work with a wide array of commercially available software packages (“Thermal Imaging: It’s More”, n.d.). Origins of Thermal Imagers The earliest thermal imaging detectors were deployed in the 1960’s with the aid of military funding in the hope of helping American soldiers in the Vietnam War see through poor environmental conditions, darkness, and the smoke of gunfire. These early systems were large, complex, and expensive to make. (Corbin, 2006, p. 1-2)
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