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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, PILANI Second Semester, 2006-2007 Course Handout (Part-II) TA C162 Computer Programming – I In addition to part I (General Handout for all courses appended to the time table) this portion gives further specific details regarding the course. Course Number : TA C162 Course Title : Computer Programming I Instructors : A. Michael Alphonse Virendra S. Shekhawat [Email: vsshekhawat] Team : Abhinav Akshay Kumar Devesh Sharma Jaganand Saini Karthik Ananad V Kiran D C Mayuri N Murali P N Mehala Om Prakash Pachoria Preetish K Tripathi Sunitha Bansal Objective: To introduce the high level structure of a computer and an approach to interact with program or a computer. Scope: This course uses a bottom-up approach to teach a beginner what a computer is and how it can be programmed. The course starts with basic building blocks required to understand the structure of a computer: numbers, bits, structures to implement operations on numbers, and structures to control the execution of commands by a computer. The course progresses to introduce high level abstractions such as an operating system and a high level language. The course concludes with the introduction of programming as a framework for problem solving: program constructs as tools for problem solving and programming techniques as strategies for problem solving Text Books (T1) Introduction to Computing Systems (From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond). Yale N. Patt, and Sanjay J. Patel. McGraw Hill International Edition 2001. (T2)
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TAC162_handout - Birla Institute of Technology & Science,...

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