Rhetoric - Denish Bharucha English Composition: 102...

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Denish Bharucha English Composition: 102 Professor: John Straus April 1, 2010 Frankl uses several rhetorical strategies throughout “Logotheraphy in a Nutshell.” Logotheraphy convincingly uses deductive logic. With this strategy, he builds an argument and proves his logic to be correct. He either defines every sub-heading or tells the reader why it is important, for the reader’s convenience. He also persuades the reader by using emotional appeal. The most effective of these emotions is sympathy when it comes to rhetorical strategies. Frankl also uses general English to explain the meaning of life. Frankl uses examples to tell a story so that the readers can visualize the writing and it reaches out to their senses. Victor Frankl makes “Logotheraphy in a Nutshell” rhetoric with the use of all these strategies. Deductive logic allows the reader to come up with their own conclusion with given reasoning by the author. This makes sense when you read Frankl’s logic. “When someone tries to persuade you with a deductive argument, you should break it down into its element. Figure out what the premise and the conclusion are. Only then can you properly evaluate the argument’s truth and validity” (Kelly 9). Upon
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Rhetoric - Denish Bharucha English Composition: 102...

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