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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TOTAL Page 1 Exam 3 EE 312 - University of Texas at Austin - SAMPLE Your Name ______________________________ Unique Section # ________________ Test taking instructions. No calculators, laptops or other assisting devices are allowed. Write your answers on these sheets. If you need scratch paper then use the backside of the last page. Wherever code is required, write the statements in the blank areas provided, or by modifying the given code in place. You are not required to follow the coding style guidelines when writing code on the exam, but be as neat as possible. If you are unsure of the meaning of a specific test question, then write down your assumptions and proceed to answer the question on that basis. If you see a typo or syntax error, fix it, circle it, and if you are right you will get a bonus point for each one fixed. In your programming solutions on this test you may use any of the functions that you know from the standard function libraries (or the C++ STL). Questions about the exam questions will not be answered during the test. You have 55 minutes to complete this exam. 0. Program Measurements [2 pts.] For your programming assignments 6 and 7 fill in the table below by providing the data required to answer: - How big was your program (in SLOCs)? - How many hours of effort did you expend on it (in approximate person hours)? - How many serious logic defects did you have to fix to get it working? For assignment 7, please estimate these values at completion based upon your design and implementation effort so far. You may use your past data to help with your estimates. Assignment # of SLOC Person hours # of logic defects 6 7 SLOC (source lines of code) – Each physical line in the source code listing counts as 1 SLOC. However, lines which are only comments and blank lines are not included in this count. Code modules included from the C libraries do not count, but the include statement does. Only SLOC delivered in the final submitted .c (or .cpp) file for grading should be counted. The unit of measure for effort is a person hour; defined as: " an hour of time expended by you in the course of doing the assignment". A defect is a flaw in your program that causes it to not work properly. This includes both syntax errors and logic errors. We are interested in the number of serious logic errors that you encountered and had to fix in completing the assignments. Serious means that it was not immediately obvious what the problem was.
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Page 2 1. Terminology. [1 pt. each - 25 pts.] Find the best word or term to replace ???? in the statements
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sample-exam3 - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TOTAL Exam 3 EE 312...

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