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CHAPTER 9 INTRODUCTION TO CONTRACTS 1 Part Two: Contracts ANSWERS TO PROBLEMS 1. Jonathan writes to Willa, stating “I'll pay you $150 if you reseed my lawn.” Willa reseeds Jonathan's lawn as requested. Has a contract been formed? If so, what kind? Answer: Unilateral Contracts . Yes, this is an example of a unilateral contract. Jonathan’s writing to Willa is an offer which is accepted when Willa reseeds the lawn. Jonathan must pay $150 to Willa. 2. Calvin uses fraud to induce Maria to promise to pay money in return for goods he has delivered to her. Has a contract been formed? If so, what kind? What are the rights of Calvin and Maria? Answer: Valid, Void, Voidable and Uniforceable Contracts . This is a voidable contract. A contract has been formed; however, Maria, at her option, may rescind the contract. Calvin has no right to avoid the contract if Maria decides to not rescind. 3. Anna is about to buy a house on a hill. Prior to the purchase she obtains a promise from Betty, the owner of the adjacent property, that Betty will not build any structure that would block Anna's view. In reliance on this promise Anna buys the house. Is Betty's promise binding? Why or why not? Answer: Promissory Estoppel . There is no contract. The essential elements of a contract are not present. However, the doctrine of promissory estoppel may be applicable. If a jury finds that Anna acted reasonably in reliance on Betty’s promise, Betty’s promise will be enforceable. 4. Mary Dobos was admitted to Boca Raton Community Hospital in serious condition with an abdominal aneurysm. The hospital called upon Nursing Care Services, Inc., to provide around-the-clock nursing services for Mrs. Dobos. She received two weeks of in-hospital care, forty-eight hours of postrelease care, and two weeks of at-home care. The total bill was $3,723.90. Mrs. Dobos refused to pay, and Nursing Care Services, Inc., brought an action to recover. Mrs. Dobos maintained that she was not obligated to render payment in that she never signed a written contract, nor did she orally agree
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2 INTRODUCTION TO CONTRACTS CHAPTER 9 to be liable for the services. The necessity for the services, reasonableness of the fee,
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