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Axia College Material Appendix E Graphic File Formats Review the Graphic file formats section in Chapter 7: GRAPHICS of the Web Style Guide. Use the table below to list key characteristics of common graphic file formats. Some GIF characteristics are provided as examples. Note: Facts from this table come from the Web Style Guide Web site at www.webstyleguide.com . Stands For Facts/Uses Pros Cons GIF Graphic Interchange Format GIFs were popularized by the CompuServe Information Service in the 1980s. GIFs use the proprietary LZW compression owned by Unisys Corporation. GIFs are efficient because they are limited to 8-bit (256 or fewer) color palettes. GIFs are limited to 8-bit (256 or fewer) color palette, meaning that the range of color is restricted. JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group JEPGS are used by photographers , artists, and medical imaging specialists, Where color fidelity cannot be
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Unformatted text preview: compromised. JPEG’s are full color images (24-bit or true color). JPEG’s also offer several different compression rates. JEPG’s offer several different compression rates which can distort the image. Once an image is compressed, a user cannot reverse the changes made. PNG Portable Network Group PNG’s are used for specifically for Web pages, the also offer several attractive features for developers. PNG’s full color depth, support for sophisticated image transparency, better interlacing, and automatic corrections for display monitor gamma. Developers can also add text to images which will enable users to search for images using the text. PNG’s are not supported by many browsers as of yet. Not being supported by many of the browsers makes it difficult for some developers to ensure that all people can view their page . IT 236 IT 236...
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  • Graphics Interchange Format, Color depth, true color, Joint Photographic Expert Group, graphic file formats, Portable Network Group

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