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Mitigation Plan 1 Mitigation Plan Jason A. Van Sickle Axia College Sci 275
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Mitigation Plan 2 Mitigation Plan Overpopulation of human beings on Earth is a major environmental problem. With overpopulation many natural resources will deplete too fast. There will be no room for our communities to grow. Our food supplies will not be enough to feed the amount of people on Earth. Without a change to this problem our civilization will suffer many consequences. We are the number one cause for this problem. From many people having unsafe sex with multiple partners, to religious beliefs that unprotected sex will cure diseases. Our lack of knowledge and selfishness in this major problem will be the ultimate downfall of our civilization. There are many theories on how to prevent or minimize overpopulation. So far birth control is our only way to fight overpopulation. Using condoms is one of the safest ways to have sex today. It is the safest form of birth control, but not 100% effective. Defects occur with any human made product, and many refuse to use birth control products. Other countries have resorted to “one child per family” laws. Any family caught with more than one child will have a forced abortion. This is a harsh way to control the population, but the most effective. Even though civilians hate their governments for this choice of population control, in the future they will understand and appreciate their actions. It may not be our children's generation, but it could possibly be the generation afterwards. My idea to help control our overpopulation problem would be to enforce licensed pregnancies. There are too many people in the world today that become pregnant when they are too young, not ready
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Final%20Project%20Mitigation%20Plan[1] - Mitigation Plan 1...

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