Jim Crow Laws - Jim Crow Laws 1 Jim Crow Laws Jason Van...

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Jim Crow Laws 1 Jim Crow Laws Jason Van Sickle Axia College His/125
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Jim Crow Laws 2 Jim Crow Laws Introduction The Jim Crow Laws were something that was only used in the southern and border states. Many of the laws set were very wrong and even just stupid, in my opinion. The Jim Crow laws were used to keep the Blacks and Whites separated and gave the Whites reason to hate the Blacks even more. When, Why, and Affects The Jim Crow Laws started to form around 1877 and by the mid 1960’s were in full affect. Throughout the beginning years it was decided what should and should not be separated and how to separate them. Many people, Whites, did not want to share their rights with the blacks because it made them feel as if the Blacks were equal. If Blacks were treated as equals it may have given the feel that it was okay to act as though they could have everything the Whites had. Many Whites in the south wanted to keep the Blacks inferior to them. Those years were very hard for the Blacks; there are even some cities in many states that wish to keep the same laws today. Many of the southern states believe that the Jim Crow laws were the greatest thing to ever happen. I have several family members who feel they are better than Blacks because of their skin color and that is what makes the difference, skin. The southern states also believed that
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Jim Crow Laws - Jim Crow Laws 1 Jim Crow Laws Jason Van...

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