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Fourteenth_Amendment - Check Point The Fourteenth Amendment...

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Check Point: The Fourteenth Amendment Write a 250- to 300-word response answering the following questions: o What was the written purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment? o How did the Fourteenth Amendment affect African Americans at that time? o What was the purpose of the Freedmen’s Bureau? o How did the Freedmen’s Bureau positively and negatively affect African Americans? Answer: The Fourteenth Amendment The written purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment was to ensure that the Confederate States did not take all rights away from the African Americans; to include basic freedoms. Fourteenth Amendment also stopped the Confederates from taking over the reconstructed state governments. The Fourteenth Amendment was a good thing for the African Americans; it disqualified prominent Confederates from holding office and providing that only Congress could reverse this penalty with a two-thirds vote. That meant the Blacks would get a chance to vote. In section 1 of
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