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Attack on Pearl Harbor - cause many Americans much hurt...

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Attack on Pearl Harbor Attack on Pearl Harbor means rise in economy. The attack on Pearl Harbor means that we will soon be at war. With war comes the need for bullets, uniforms, and food. This means that the economy will soon begin to rise again for the time being, shops will re-open and jobs will be available for those who want them. Pearl Harbor causes hurt in society. The attack on Pearl Harbor will hurt Hawaii for a short time. Many Americans die while trying to defend their country, and cause angry cries for retaliation will be heard. The attacks will
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Unformatted text preview: cause many Americans much hurt because of the amount of damage it has done. There will also be some good news to come with the attack on Pearl Harbor though, this means more jobs. President responds to attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack on Pearl Harbor has many Americans ready to serve their country to help with the hopeful defeat of the Japanese. This also means that the President needs to do something to raise the moral of the troops going to defend what we believe in....
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