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Week Three - "...

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Unformatted text preview: " httpzlldcm.toolwire.coml'flabName=MSV_242-7A1_22780901 - Toolwire OnDemand Workbench - Windows Internet Explorer i:ii§iigi Tlrrlc Rumalnlng [m mamas Report 4 \ This section contains a Ilst of acronyms useo Wllnlnlnlslao Hanna Main Pag- Summary Table Planning \Mreless access DIICP Dynanllc Host Configuration ProloDol Whlch prlonty modification snould you propose forthe adminlstrators' wireless laptops? DIIS Dnman Mame 5ervioe Change ereless lnllastlucture to 802 ‘l n Internet Amhenllt‘alton Server Fleplace so2 ‘l‘l wee common keys darly F Secunty Lowl Area Network Mada Ac.- 5mm Upgrade operating systems to Wrndcwsxe erdlessrdnal Network Basll: Input Output System Use Exienslole Authenilcailon Proloeol Remote Acnm D'BI h User Servtoe Routing and Remote That's the priority modification we need. Access Semee ‘E Servtoe I: Please read the note from Jll'l'l smith. Head of lT‘ tn tlnd out more Transmsston Control ProtoDolr‘ Internet Protocol Securing Remole Access unwersal Resource Lucatur Vrmyal LDEIArag Mammy You suggest creating a specific group, called Remote Sales, for sales team members wno work offlslte, as well as a vm‘ Maw on remote access pollcyrorthe new Remote Sales group WoeArea ”FAWN" Whalractors should you lncorporate lnto the remote access pollcyforthe new Remote Sales group? Wred Equwaterll Privacy Wlnoows Internet Name Allow only FTF packets Serlee Wrehfl Loml Area Network Allow only HTTP packets 4 nestrrct access lay group membersnrp :ddyrign: 2oo4 Toolwire. Inc. Restllct access by NAS'F’orl'Type Async " httpzlldcm.toolwire.coml?labName=MSV_242-7A1_22780901 - Toolwire OnDemand Workbench - Windows Internet Explorer ITIIEHZI Tlrrlc Rumalnlng m ACRONYMS This section contains a “St of acronyms What factors should you lncorporate lnto the remote access pollcvforthe new Remote Sales group? used Wllnlnlnls lat: remote access pollcvforthe new Remote Sales group Summary Table DIICP Dynanllc Host Configuration Proloool Allow only HTTP packets Allow only FTP packets DIIS Doman Name Service Internet Amhenllcalton R t | I: h n' Server esllc access ygloup mem ers lp F Secunty tacslArea Netwary Hestllct access lay NAS-Fort-Type Async Media Accm Control "91“” 353‘“ “M ““9“ nestrrct access by NAs-Pcrt-ryae VPNs System Remote Acnm D'BI h User Servtoe 5 ,mm' mil. Routing and Remote "”y a " Access Service 59mm El Please read the e-mall from Jim srnltny Head er l‘l, to flnd out more Transmsston Control - - Frolooolr‘ lnlerrlel Protoool Authentication Strategy Universal Resource Locator A RADlUS solullon the nest long-term authentlcallon strategy Vlrtual LomlArea Network Vl'tual Privale Network Wide Area Network Yes, a RADIUS solution is the best Iongrterm authentication strategy. Wred Equivalenl Privacy Please read Ihls emall rmrn Jlm smlth, Head ol lT‘ to llnd out more Wlnoows Internet Name E Serlee Wrehfl Loml Area Network <l :ddyrign: 2oo4 Toolwire. Inc. ...
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