goodwill R - md hist(md$gwill < goodwill.R...

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#   goodwill.R md   <-   read.table("c:\\bdm25\\data\\goodwill.csv",header=T,sep=",") #   figure   9.15 hist(md$gwill) #   figure   9.16 plot(md$tassets,md$gwill,pch=16) #   figure   9.17 plot(md$amort,md$gwill,pch=16) #   table   9.24 myreg   <-   lm(gwill~tassets+amort,data=md) summary(myreg) #   figure   9.18   diagnostic   plots #   figure   9.18a   --   we   don't   do   this #   figure   9.18b library("qcc") qcc(myreg$residuals,type="") #   book   uses   standardized   residuals,   see   footnote   page   418 #   figure   9.18c hist(myreg$residuals) #   figure   9.18d plot(myreg$fitted.values,myreg$residuals,pch=16) #   put   in   a   line   at   zero abline(0,0) #   make   some   transforms loggwill   <-   log10(md$gwill) logtassets   <-   log10(md$tassets) #   don't   need   a   dollar   sign   to   refer   to   these #   they   are   objects   themselves,   not   variables   attached   to   some   object #   figure   9.19
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This note was uploaded on 05/14/2010 for the course FINANCE 32159 taught by Professor Adamyore during the Fall '09 term at Drexel.

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goodwill R - md hist(md$gwill < goodwill.R...

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