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Few Chapter 7: General Design for Communication The primary object of visual design is to present content in a manner that highlights what’s important, arranges it for clarity, and leads the reader through it in a sequence that tells the story best. Highlight the data – “Above all else, show the data.” (Edward Tufte) Maximize the data-ink ratio. Reduce non-data ink. 1. subtract unnecessary non-data ink 2. de-emphasize and regularize the remaining non-data ink Enhance the data ink. 1. subtract unnecessary data ink 2. emphasize the most important data ink (use preattentive vi-
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Unformatted text preview: sual attributes like line width, orientation, etc.) • Organize the data. – group the data (use Gestalt principles here) – prioritize the data – not all data are equally important! – sequence the data – left to right and top to bottom • Integrate tables, graphs and text. – the various roles of text (label, introduce, explain, etc.) – text placement – put it where it is needed – required text: what, when, who, where in the footer or header 1...
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