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Analyzing Credibility - Answer The Following in regard to...

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Answer The Following in regard to each of the two examples in a 100-to200 word response: After viewing the ads and researching the site, I concluded that Mars, Incorporated paid for the ads and examples to be created. As far as a slant or secondary opinion, I do not believe that I detect any secondary opinions. I may be misunderstanding the actual meaning of secondary opinion in the ad, but I am sure the messages being sent to the audience was on target to the product. I believe that the ads are trying to sell a product and they will say and do anything to make the sell. The company may believe that a cute commercial and portraying themselves as animal lovers will make that sell for them. Commercials are going to speak to a lot of people; that is the purpose of a commercial, to sell, sell, and sell. I do not believe that the ads that I watched are credible because the company will do whatever it takes to sell their product.
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