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Annotated Bibliography - about each Anonymous(2009 fall...

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Heath, P., & Bell, N. (2006, Fall). `The Changing World of Home technology: A Microsoft Case Study. Information Society , 22 (4), 251-259.Retrieved from EBSCOhost, December 7, 2009 This is an overview of how technology for the home is evolving; and how the digital decade is affecting the way people live and entertain themselves. This article is a case study provided by the Microsoft Corp. Anonymous, (2009, Winter). Best Of What's New: Home Entertainment. Popular Science , 275 (6), 65-67.Retrieved from EBSCOhost, December 1, 2009 This article sheds light on the latest technology for the home. It provides a list of the most innovative items coming out in the near future. Ridhi, K. (2009, fall). Go Flat Out; Plasma, LCD, or LED? Here's a look at the flat panel screens in the market. India Today . Retrieved from ProQuest Database, December 1, 2009 This periodical talks about the three different types of flat panel televisions. It gives detailed information pertaining to each individual flat panel and the pros and cons
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Unformatted text preview: about each. Anonymous, (2009, fall). Research and Markets: Home technologies and Energy Efficiency: A look at Behaviors, issues and Solutions. Business Wire , Retrieved from ProQuest Database, December 1, 2009 This article discusses Home technologies and energy efficiency. It also discusses the cost of cooling or heating the home and the way people react to rising energy cost, and what a person can do to try to cut these costs in half. Mackay, M. (2007). Domestic bliss: the future of home technology . CNN.com. Retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/08/24/wired.livinghome/index.html?section=cnn This website article talks about the future home technology. It speaks about Green Technology, Home Automation, Entertainment, work, and play technology. All the technology spoken about in this article will be the future of the domestic home lifestyles....
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