Appendix G - After each section, I asked myself the...

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Axia College Material Appendix G SQ3R Worksheet Selected Reading: Name your selected reading and page numbers here Chapter 4; pages 121-145 Survey How did you survey? I read the chapter titles, and looked for italics. I am aware that the chapter is about reading comprehension, vocabulary, and speed. Question What questions did you ask? What have I learned? Am I understanding what I am reading? Read How did you read? I read out loud. I can’t help it, it helps me to block out the constant distraction in my house so that I can understand what I am reading. Recite What did you recite? I recited aloud because hearing is effective for me. Review How did you review?
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Unformatted text preview: After each section, I asked myself the questions I wrote and made sure I understood what I read. This is the same chapter from last week and I recognized that and I noticed I GEN 105 understood the text better. Wrap-up Questions : How successful was the SQ3R process in helping you grasp the concepts in the section you selected? Will you use SQ3R in the future as a way to master the content in academic readings? I found the SQ3R to be useful, but it was also time consuming. I am sure I will use the SQ3R in the future because it works. For someone like me who has some problems comprehending, this is a great tool. GEN 105...
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Appendix G - After each section, I asked myself the...

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