Argument Credibility Checkpoint Part 2

Argument - and Rachel’s background information is the same I think that Rachel’s judgment of Robert Fisk’s is partially accurate because

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After reading my classmate’s paper, I found that she accurately identified the claim from the online article. Rachel did in fact compare the claims against her personal opinion, and her opinion did not conflict with the article. She has her beliefs and she seems to agree that one day the value of the dollar will be obsolete. During my personal observation of the article, I noticed how China is the most talked about Country and how they are the most enthusiastic about the depletion of the dollar. I agree with Rachel on one thing, the depletion of the dollar will happen one day. The background information that Rachel found was the same that I found, Robert Fisk is indeed a prominent British Columnist. Both mine
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Unformatted text preview: and Rachel’s background information is the same. I think that Rachel’s judgment of Robert Fisk’s is partially accurate because throughout the article, he wrote an unbiased article with biased information. He talks about these secret meetings but we do not really know how he feels about the Americans, Or if he cares if this currency depletion would happen. I think he is untrustworthy because he seems more like a conspiracy theorist more than anything else. The approach I used from the tutorial was a directed approach from my instructor....
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