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Capstone Checkpoint (2) - back and critique in a more...

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Thinking critically will influence the way I read by giving me the chance to sit down and really think about what I am reading. Whether I am reading my work or a classmate’s work, I will incorporate thinking critically. Knowing how allows me to read and look at things in a different way. Thinking critically will influence the way I write by allowing me to come up with more thorough and detailed information. Incorporating it into my writing, gives me the opportunity to write a more effective academic paper. Thinking critically influences the way I process information by allowing me to sit
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Unformatted text preview: back and critique in a more effective way. Thinking critically also allows me to see things that I would normally miss. Applying critical thinking while evaluating Articles, Advertisements, and in the Media allows me to identify rhetorical devices, fallacies, and other means designed to sway me or convince me. In conversations, applying critical thinking allows me to take my time to think about things before I would say them....
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