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Unformatted text preview: I t is my graduation dinner and my husband stands up to give a speech about my r oad to graduation and how I succeeded. After getting everybody’s attention, he proceeds by saying, “I imagine everybody never thought this day would come.” H is audience laughs and he continues. He starts by saying,” Paula surprised me when she enrolled into school, I was p roud.” He said, her determination, motivation, tenacity, intelligence, and dedication are t he five things that got her to this point.” With that being said, I know that is exactly what w ill get me to graduation. I am motivated, determined, tenacious, and intelligent, and dedicated to seeing this through to graduation. I am preparing for an interview in a field I have no experience in. The way I will go about convincing my interviewer that I am the person for the job will be by using the things t hat got me to graduation. I will tell the interviewer that I am a fast learner who is motivated, dedicated, tenacious, and loyal. Everybody starts out at one t ime or another with no experience. I went to school to fur ther my education and help my family. Helping my family is my strongest motivation, they are the reason I am doing this. My husband works so hard to provide for all of us and we still struggle. I decided to help him by going back to school and finding a job worth leaving my home for. Any job I was qualified to do wasn’t going make much of a difference so I decided it was t ime to t rain for a job that would make a ll of the difference. ...
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