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Check point wk 5 Gen 105 Setting Goals

Check point wk 5 Gen 105 Setting Goals - Priority I guess...

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Long Term Goals I have 2 long term goals the first one is to complete my BSM, the second goal would be to become a Project Manager for a construction company. Short Term Goals Finish Axia College, Go to the university of phoenix, take it one class at a time don’t worry about how many classes I have left just keep my head down, continue to work in construction while going to school. Deadlines While first Dead line would be to finish this class in 4 weeks with an A+. Second would be to complete my degree with Axia College within the next 16 Months. Complete The University of Phoenix with my BSM 6 Months after that or 2 years from today. Complete my PMI training by the time I leave the University of Phoenix.
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Unformatted text preview: Priority I guess they all have priority but I can list the steps between now in the because I can’t reach one without the other. First would be completing Axia, second would be my BSM, then would be my PMI training. Describe Goals These goals by themselves aren’t hard at all but when you factor in the fact that I have a family. I also work 72 plus hours a week so these goals won’t be accomplished with ease its going to take a lot of long nights and hard work plus some lose of sleep. Each goal is a stepping stone to where I want to get to, my uncle was a project manager and I want to follow in his footsteps....
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