Conservation and Preservation Checkpoint

Conservation and Preservation Checkpoint - countries they...

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Conservation is to use what you have, but use it carefully without using all of the resources up. Preservation is to not use the resources at all, but rather save them. I believe that National Forest should be left alone in their natural states. National forests are designed to preserve nature the way it has always been like a sanctuary. People think National Forest and they think of a place to have family vacations. I understand that the government wants to start using the forest’s resources to cut out buying from foreign countries, but that is hog wash. If we stop buying from foreign
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Unformatted text preview: countries, they stop buying from us and the World’s economy crashes. The government does not know how to preserve anything. Once the government gets their foot in the forest door, the forest is gone. Then the land will become a housing development. I do not see one government official giving up his house and land for the sake of drilling for oil to save us all. So much land has to be cleared to provide trucking routes and oil rigs. The forest would be gone and I do not feel it necessary to destroy something that the government made a National Forest in the first place to protect it....
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