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After submitting my Final project Topic to Write Point and the Plagiarism Checker, I retrieved my results and was quite surprised what I learned. With the Plagiarism Checker, I returned a 0% Similarity Index. The Write Point results were a different story. First of all, I made a hyphen error with the words “In” and “House” it’s supposed to be “in- house”. Then I made a Word Choice mistake. Write Point informed me that in academic writing, second person should be replaced with a third person pronoun and it gave me an example. Then it told me not to use second person in academic writing. Then it informed me not to use contractions in academic writing because it’s a shortened version of two words put together with an apostrophe. Lastly, I made another
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Unformatted text preview: Word Choice mistake with a verb. Only this time I didnt use the verb correctly and it showed me where and how to use it and why. The only thing that surprised me with Write Point was how accurate it was. It actually found my mistakes, big or small, and informed me on how to correct the mistakes and explained why it was a mistake. It has a lot of useful information that I appreciate now and in the future. The most valuable thing regarding the feedback I received is that my little mistakes that could have cost me can be easily corrected. Write Point and the Plagiarism Checker are absolutely the most valuable tools I have ever used. The information that they produce is key to writing a successful paper....
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