Detecting Plagiarism Checkpoint

Detecting Plagiarism Checkpoint - you must suffer the...

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After submitting the article to the plagiarism checker, I found that there was a 100% similarity. The similarity by source came back as 100% for internet source, 100% publication source, 0% student paper. This is offensive to me as an instructor, and I am prepared to take immediate action. My course of action starts with the immediate academic probation with the possibility of complete suspension. I have already submitted my findings and the evidence to the appropriate college personal. The student will receive a failing grade for this paper and the course. At this time, I would like to stress the severity of plagiarism. First and foremost, when you commit the act of plagiarism, you are committing literary theft. You are stealing from an author that has put their own thoughts and hard work into a piece of work that has been published. Now that you have plagiarized someone else’s work and tried to pass it off as your own,
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Unformatted text preview: you must suffer the consequences of your actions. Plagiarism is a serious offense the will follow you throughout your life. You will lose your ability to use critical thinking; your workplace ethic will be at low standards because your not exercising your writing skills. Lastly, you reduce your peer’s morale by plagiarizing. I hope that you see the error in your actions. Everybody has the opportunity to make themselves better people. By committing the act of plagiarism, you have reduced yourself as a person and possibly jeopardized your financial aid, student loans, your degree program, and your future. I hope that you take this entire situation a lot more seriously in the future. You are too good of person to have reduced yourself in this way. Please take this as a life lesson and make your future bright in your own words....
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