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I am going to be honest, math is not my strong point and I get a certain level of anxiety when it comes to math. In the Center for Mathematics Excellence, I believe the Running Start program will assist me the most. I noticed a math assessment, which can be useful and the Math Refresher which is why I am here. There are many other resources that I believe that I will be using and I am grateful for resources such as the Center of Mathematics Excellence. As embarrassing as this is, I actually had trouble in Math Zone with writing the word name for the
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Unformatted text preview: number 26, 783. I kept trying to put the word “and” in there and I forgot the comma after the thousand. Yep. Math Zone told me what I did wrong and explained that the word “and” does not appear when numbers are written into words. Other than that, I did well on everything else. Math Zone reminds me of a math program my step-daughter uses as a tutorial. I believe that Math Zone will benefit me tremendously....
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