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After reading, The flow of Energy through Ecosystems , I was completely lost and unsure what to do. I chose green beans as my vegetable, and green beans have 44 calories; total energy available in the first trophic level is 44, second was 44, third was 4.4 and fourth was 0.44. Energy gained in the second trophic level 4.40 and energy lost when consumed was 39.6. The third trophic level was 0.44 and energy lost was 3.96. In the fourth trophic level, energy gained was 0.044 and energy lost in the fourth trophic level was 0.396. Eating from the bottom of the food chain would more efficient, but I feel that eating healthier and
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Unformatted text preview: choosing better foods to consume would be a good way to start instead of completely changing your eating habits. Getting someone to change their habits would be good but in reality, convenience is and affordability is going to win me over. It is easier to cook cheap meals and swing into the drive thru than it is to have health conscience thoughts and spending way too much money on the healthy stuff. I am speaking for myself, not for anyone else as far as this subject goes....
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