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The writing process for this course differs only a little for me; I have already used some of the steps in the past. The steps that I believe will be the easiest to complete are; Revising and editing. Prewriting and drafting will be the most difficult for me, I already have a hard time getting started writing these days, and as far as drafting, there is a lot to remember to do. Overcoming this obstacle will probably prove easier than I think it is, once I slow down and stop stressing, things fall into place. Also, having the Steps in the
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Unformatted text preview: Writing Process paper to refer back to will make it easier. My topic is Music in America, narrowed down about Rock and Roll in America and where it was and where it is today. I love music, especially rock music and I know there are other people out there who love it too. I think it will be fun and informative for me and my audience to learn a little about the music we listen to....
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