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I believe that slavery influenced the evolution of both blacks and whites today because Black Americans were taken unwillingly from their homeland and brought to a strange place to do the bidding of the white owners. After all of the hardships that Black Americans had to deal with, there is still lingering, negative feelings toward blacks, and whites still have negative feelings towards blacks. Overtime and through a lot more hardships, Black Americans were finally given equal rights, for the most part, and now we have a black/white president. That is quite a change from what was.
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Unformatted text preview: I have a black friend who asked me if white people really think blacks forgot about all of that stuff. I could not answer that question. He is very passionate about this subject. He grew up during the civil rights movements and he has told me some awful stories about what he and his family went through during that time. When I ask him about the changes that have taken place since that time, he cannot look past what he went through....
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