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The common similarity that I have noticed on the responses is; the majority of all participants in the assessment were shocked of their results. The differences I can see is some were flattered by their results and others found that the results somewhat described them but not completely described them. My personal learning strengths are important to know to help me help myself retain knowledge more efficiently. As far as knowing my classmates learning strengths, it would help to know which classmate to go to if I needed help with something that is their intelligence strengths.
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Unformatted text preview: When working collaboratively in an online environment, each persons intelligences can be beneficial. For instance, the verbal linguistic in my cluster would be good for the actual writing because they are good at expressing ideas and words. The musical intelligence would be a great editor because they can find the flow of the words. The logical mathematical would be the researcher because they are good at problem solving. While the interpersonal would make sure everyone is having a good day and coordinate with everybody....
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