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Unformatted text preview: 18.02A Problem Set 2A Fall 2009 due Thursday Nov.19, 12:45 in 2-106 Although this problem set is not due until after Exam 1, you should do it before the exam by way of exam preparation. The second part, Problem Set 2B, will be posted on the day of the exam, and will also be due on thursday, Nov.19. Part I (15 points) (You need not hand in the exercises in parentheses, which are just for more practice. ) Lecture 5. Thurs. Nov. 5 Parametric equations of lines and curves. Read: 18.4, 17.1, 17.2 to middle p.593 Work: 1E-3bc,4; 1I-2b, 3ad, 5 (4,6) Lecture 6. Friday. Nov. 6 Vector derivatives, v , a , T . Read: 17.4 Work: 1J-1ac, 4abc, 6, 9. Lecture 7. Tues. Nov. 10 Curvature; other applications. Read: 17.5, Problem 1J-10 Work: 1J-3, 5, 10. Lecture 8. Thurs. Nov. 12 Functions of several variables; partial derivatives, tangent plane. Read: 19.1, 19.2, 19.3, Notes TA Work: 2A - 1abe, 2ae; 2B - 1b, 4, 6 Exam 1 , Friday Nov.13 covering lectures 0-7, 2:05-2:55pm Walker 3rd Floor (enter on river side)...
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